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Applicants applying for a FIRST-TIME driver's license or identification card will be required to provide one of the following combinations of documents:

One primary and one secondary document and a social security care OR

Two primary documents and a social security card

In addition to the above, FIRST-TIME, applicants must present two items from the list below to prove residency for at least 30 days:

  1. Utility statement
  2. Lease or rental agreement
  3. Mortgage note payment stub
  4. Cable TV statement
  5. Voter registration card
  6. Foreign students can submit documentation from a house parent or other school official
  7. Military personnel can submit a letter from the commanding officer of their unit


Any minor applying for FIRST-TIME driver's license, a FIRST-TIME identification card or a duplicate of either, MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PROPERLY IDENTIFIED CUSTODIAL PARENT, TUTOR OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. The signature of the custodial parent or guardian is required for the issuance of the license or identification card. Documents listed below must also be presented:

  1. Original or a certified birth certificate with a state seal
  2. Social security card
  3. School enrollment form, diploma or GED
  4. Residency documents from list above
  5. Certificate of completion of a driver education course, 30 hours classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel, OR
  6. If 16 years of age or older, a certificate of completion of a 6 hour prelicensing training course approved by the Office of Motor Vehicles may be substituted.


  1. Original or a certified birth certificate with a state seal – (A Notarized copy is NOT acceptable)
  2. Passport
  3. Certificate of Naturalization
  4. Current out-of-state driver's license. If license is lost or expired 60 days or more a letter of clearance from the issuing state is required to indicate your driving status is clear.
  5. Valid United States Military ID card or Military dependent identification card
  6. Merchant Marine ID card with photo
  7. Out-of-State Identification Card issued by the state's motor vehicle department
  8. Native American Tribal Document.


  1. Social Security card
  2. Student ID from a Louisiana college when accompanied by 100% fee paid receipt for current semester
  3. forms for 2 years
  4. Original documents of adoption
  5. Original high school, college or university diploma
  6. Original or certified copy of marriage license or divorce papers
  7. Voter registration card
  8. Official certified deed or title to property owned in Louisiana
  9. Vehicle registration or vehicle title
  10. Local utility statements
  11. Insurance policy (home, health, auto, life)
  12. Three payroll stubs showing social security number
  13. High school year book (must show photo of applicant)
  14. Medicare/Medicaid card or medical eligibility card
  15. prison release document or letter from probation officer
  16. DD 214 (military discharge papers)
  17. Selective service notification to applicant at his address
  18. Original or certified copy of a professional degree, certificate or license
  19. Motor vehicle security agreement
  20. Any government law enforcement's officer's ID or badge
  21. School records of 2 report cards from separate years
  22. Letter of verification/introduction for another state agency responsible for placement ofdeprived or handicapped persons
  23. Employee ID from any major corporation/hospital – must have photo that clearly identifies the applicant.



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