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When you purchase a new vehicle from a Louisiana dealer, the dealer will provide an assigned certificate of origin, odometer statement, notarized invoice and line instrument, when applicable. In most cases, the dealer will collect the applicable sales tax and all title and license fees. The dealer will submit these moneys along with the proper supporting documents at the Office of Motor Vehicles for the issuance of your license and title. The dealer will issue a temporary 90-day cardboard plate which must be clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle. Sales tax must be remitted to the Office of Motor Vehicles by the 20th of the month following the month in which the vehicle is purchase. If all fees area not remitted timely, penalty and interest will be charged.


If you purchase a used vehicle, the certificate of title must be properly executed by the owner and/ or dealer before a notary. The seller is required by law to deliver a properly assigned certificate of title to the buyer at the time of sale or delivery of the vehicle. If a lien is noted on the face of the certificate of title, it must be property released by an authorized agent of the lienholder. In some cases you may also need a separated notarized bill of sale. The new owner must apply for title n his name upon purchase of vehicle.

You will need to present the following documents:

  1. Previous owner's title, properly assigned and notarized
  2. Notarized bill of sale, when applicable
  3. Line instrument
  4. Previous owner's registration certificate
  5. A signed declaration of liability insurance
  6. Sales tax, license and title transfer fees
  7. Completed odometer disclosure statement unless the title has a conforming odometer disclosure statement on reverse side. Federal law requires that an odometer disclosure statement be executed containing the seller's and buyer's printed names as well as their signatures, addresses and a complete description of the vehicle.
  8. Completed form DPSMV 1799 (Vehicle Application). This application must show all pertinent information regarding the vehicle, the applicant and lienholder, if applicable. It must also indicate whether the vehicle is domiciled inside or outside the city limits.


Your license plate expires on the last day of the month in the month/year indicated on your license plate sticker. You may renew your license in person or by mail anytime during the month of expiration. BETTER YET - MAIL IT!!! Make your check or money order payable to the Department of Public Safety for the amount shown and mail it with your application form before the 5th of the month in which your registration expires. Any renewals received after expiration will be assessed a late fee.


Any member, spouse or dependent of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty within Louisiana may operate their vehicle without securing a Louisiana registration if the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. A valid license plate
  2. Liability insurance as required by law

This applies to all vehicles owned by the active duty member or his/her spouse with the exception of any commercial vehicles used in any business manner wherein the active duty member or spouse receives compensation.

Full time, active duty military personnel entering the State of Louisiana may title and register their vehicle without the payment of any (state or local) use tax provided they furnish proof of payment of sales tax to one of the other 49 states and proof of active military affiliation.


Fill-time, non-resident college or university students need not apply for registration or title in Louisiana as long as current registration from their home state is maintained.

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